Top Three Marketing Strategies for Your Business

So today I listen to a motivational seminar by Tony Evans. The title was about three marketing steps that you must know in order to start a business.

  1. The first marketing step was you need to know who you’re selling to. if you don’t know exactly who you’re selling to then you don’t really have a business. It’s easy to flounder around thinking that you’re selling some great product to everybody and everybody and anybody would want this product but the truth is it that it has to be for a specific person.  You need to know so much about that person. You need to know who they are, what they like, what type of income they may have,  what would they read, and where would they shop. Understand this person fully.
  2. The second marketing step was to understand the problems that this person might have. What would his or her stuggles be?  Where may they have pain in their lives? You need to really going into detail and think about the problems that this type of person would have whoever you’re marketing to. It’s really important because you need to know specifically what their problems are. What can your product do to solve a problem that this person has or may have.
  3. The third marketing step is that you must need to know your medium.   What you are going to use to advertising to this person.  Advertise in certain areas and avoid others.  What area are you going to focus on.  For instants, you would not advertise in the kids magazine for a product that is geared towards adults.

So here you have it…. the top three marketing strategies that you must have before you even start working on your business.

Once you have these three strategies down you can begin your business…


How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

If your not familiar with blogging and are not sure just how it works, this is the site for you.  So you may be asking

How much money can you make blogging?

Good question….This depends on a number of factors.

  • What is your blog about?
  • How much do you know about the subject or are willing to learn?
  • Can you be consistent with your blogging?
  • What kind of blog are you using?
  • How are you going to “monetize” your blog?
  • Do you understand how to market your blog?

I think if you go into blogging just for the money your blog will probably fail.  There is nothing wrong with making money but most people want to see quick results and when starting a blog you will not see results for awhile.

Not only that you have to have the mindset of giving value and helping others get information they either need or enjoy reading.

So throughout this site you will find ways to start a blog from scratch and be successful.

The money can be endless, depending the factors above.  But your focus needs to be on your content and value first, then the money will come.

How much money can you make blogging


I love the quote above because it’s so true.  If motivation is just how much money can you make blogging…. people will see through that and you will not be able to connect with your followers like you should and build trust.

So a good question to ask yourself is What is your motivation?  Why would you want to start a blog and what kind of value could you offer?

Maybe your promoting a business, or a product.  Maybe you want to just start a blog for yourself to talk about things you like or don’t like.  There are hundreds of motivating reasons to start a blog…make sure and find yours before you start!

This site will mainly look at blogging to promote a business.  The business could be anything where you want more sales, leads, and exposure of your product.

So think about where you want to go with this and follow along the posts to let me help you build this thing!

Your Blogging Coach,





1 Network Marketing Tips….For Your Brain

Network Marketing Tips


Today I just wanted to talk about how our mind sometimes gets in the way of selling effectively in this business.  I think that sometimes we let fear take over and were are unable to see past that fear.

We’re unable to think that we can do it.  That we are not worth $50,000 a month or what ever the number is for you…

We are our own worst critic…..

So how do we hinder ourselves from being the best that we can be?

network-marketing-tips-for-your-brainDo any of these sound familiar?

  • We Over Think Things– this leaves us contemplating over every decision that we are making so that we can’t even make one!  Analysis by Paralysis…
  • We Don’t Take Action- this goes hand in hand with the first point.  But when we don’t take action we don’t follow through with what we know we should be doing.  Sometimes that can also mean not taking risks.  Fear can come into play here as well.  We don’t want to fail but we need to fail our way forward.
  • We Are Not Consistent-if we do take action, it’s all over the place.  We just go from thing to thing, not really getting great at any one thing.

So what are some network marketing tips…

For Our Brain?

Network Marketing TipsFirst of all I think that we need to set clear intentions before we start this business or any business.  We need to really sit down and figure out what is our intention of the business?  Not a broad scope, but narrow down specifically on what exactly wewant to get accomplished through this business.

Second- thing we need to do write out our goals on how we are going to accomplish those intentions. We may look at the end goal and ask ourselves what steps do I need to take to get there?

Third– We need to be filling our mind with inspirational trainings or positive messages daily.  Even if it is a short message.  It helps to start our day off with clear focus on why we are doing what we are doing.

I know I struggle with many of the things above and have to keep reminding myself daily of my purpose in this and how I’m going to get there….

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Joanna Bostwick



9 Make Money Online- Writing…How to Start?

Make Money Online-Writing

 There are a few different ways you can do this….

I’m going to list 5 of the most popular

1.  Make money writing ebooks:  Do you have an idea or skill that you’d like to share and you think others can benefit from it?

One way to profit from this is to write ebooks…..  With ebooks you really want to focus on content.  Content is king!

Make sure you write about a good topic and make your ebooks stand out…..  Keep in mind they don’t always have to be long to sell but you want to give value.

A few great places to sell ebooks:

Amazon-Kindle affiliate ebooks are popular and 70% royalty

MyEbook-Signing up is free and they take 10% commission

ClickBank-A great way to market your book and sell it using affiliate marketing.

make money writing

2.  Make money writing articles:

Write an article for a revenue sharing website.  This is popular as well.  Usually done through Goggle Adsense.  You generate money through ad clicks and page views.  Depending on how many views you get, you can put some money in your pocket but it has to be really good…

You can also sell your articles to sites like Fiverr, iwriter, articleteller, or gigsbull.  These sites you can pick your price you want to sell them for.

writing online for money

3.  Make money writing reviews:

There are some sites that actually pay you to write reviews and comments.  This does not always pay the best but over time it can add up.  If you like trying out products, this is a great idea for you.  Or if you have tried a lot of products you’d like to write about this would be good.

Here are a few sites you can try:

Epinions-You don’t get paid instantly after writing and submitting a review.  When a customer clicks on one of your reviews you get a small fee.  You also can get $10 for writing 10 reviews.

Review Stream-this is one of the highest paying websites for writing reviews.  You can write about all sorts of things.  You can review movies, books, products, and more.  Quality needs to be good because you can get the boot if it’s not……It also has some iffy reviews though.

You can earn $2 per review and $.40 for votes on your reviews.  Depending on how long it takes you to write one, could be good or bad….


 making money online writing

4.  Writing articles for Clients:

This is also called freelancing…you can offer your services on websites that provide freelance writing work.  It can be very competitive though….keep that in mind.  Bidding is often involved.  This is where a writer bids for projects and if the client accepts, be prepared to complete the work and receive the payment.  The pay can be really good but so do you!

Here are a few sites where you can do this:

Freelancer, Hire-writers, and Odesk  to name a few….

making money writing


5.  Last but not least…..Blogging!

Can you tell it’s my favorite?  ok here is what I love about blogging…..You can write about anything and everything BUT if you want to make really good money there is a catch. You really need to find a niche…… Find something that you love, are very interested in, or know a lot about and just start blogging!  Ok- so it sounds so easy right?  Well not really.  It takes time and consistency but it’s worth it in the long run….